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It is our job to maximize your security.

About Us

We are a team of dedicated and highly skilled professionals. Our professionals offer the most accurate solutions to maximize your security. As a reliable partner, we always prioritize our customers' needs and conduct our business to the highest standards. Thanks to our past experiences, we continue to add more value to your future and security by developing our products and services together with our team. Taha Defense was founded in 2017 by our Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Hayri TAH─░RBEYO─×LU. We are a company that has signed many projects on subjects such as military projects, ammunition production, light and heavy weapons production, military technology development projects, military vehicle spare parts supply and energy within the scope of joint venture agreements and business partnerships we have signed with our local and foreign business partners. We still take part as project managers or partners in the projects we have developed and continue to develop. Thanks to our proactive structure, we have managed to become a team that constantly improves both ourselves and our sectoral business partners and produces innovative and technological products. Our aim to produce technology-based products for the Defense systems of the future has enabled us to be among the reference companies.

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Our Defense Industry Projects That Lay the Foundations of a Strong Future

Manned and Unmanned Semi-submersible vessel project

It includes a semi-submersible submarine that can be used both manned and unmanned. It attracts attention with its advanced technological features and high performance. This watercraft is designed as a modern combat platform. It is equipped with features such as stealth, maneuverability and precision weapon systems that can be used for both attack and reconnaissance purposes. In addition, this submarine, which can perform long-term underwater missions and has great durability, also attracts attention with its personnel and equipment carrying capacity. The project is considered an important step in submarine technology. This vessel, which can be used for both military and civilian purposes, will enable submarine operations to be carried out more effectively and safely in the future. The development process is ongoing and more advanced versions are expected to appear in the future.

155mm. Unmanned Howitzer Project

The 155 mm unmanned howitzer project is an important success of the Turkish defense industry. This project was developed to further strengthen Turkey's land power. It is an unmanned gun system that can deliver high-precision bullets to its target. This gun, with a diameter of 155 mm, is placed on a remotely controlled platform. This way, operators can control the gun and hit targets from a safe distance. High firing range and accuracy provide the ability to effectively fire on enemy targets. This unmanned gun system is also equipped with automatic target tracking feature. In this way, it can shoot effectively even against moving targets. Additionally, thanks to the howitzer's rapid firing ability and rapid reloading system, it can be used quickly and effectively even in intense conflict environments. The 155 mm unmanned Howitzer project is an indicator of the technological and engineering capabilities of the Turkish defense industry. This project is an important step to increase the power of the Turkish Armed Forces and gain superiority against enemy targets. Turkey's achievements in the field of defense industry are proof of our determination to ensure our national security.

Our Electromagnetic Rail Ball Project

Our electromagnetic rail gun project is a weapon system that can fire high-energy shots through magnetic fields. In this system, the bullet is accelerated and sent towards the target using electromagnetic fields. The electromagnetic rail gun offers greater speed, precision and effective range than conventional weapon systems. The aim of our project is to have a more effective and powerful weapon system in military operations. The electromagnetic rail gun increases our military power thanks to its ability to shoot with high precision against enemy targets. In addition, the electromagnetic energy used in this system also provides a logistical advantage by reducing ammunition consumption. We constantly continue research and development in our electromagnetic rail gun project. Our goal is to increase our military power and strengthen our national defense capacity by further developing this technology. Our electromagnetic rail gun project is a weapon system that has the potential to gain an important place in the military field.