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Defensive Equipment Manufacturing is about defeating dangers. Every time you start and see results, you can never go back. We are here to inspire you to advocate.

NGD UAV Technology

We Think about the Future and Produce for You.

NGD's renowned capabilities include all lifecycle phases of its systems. It has an organizational and technological structure in all stages after the emergence of the system idea, in research and product development, production and after-sales activities. Our Research and Development capabilities, in conjunction with engineering teams from METU (Middle East Technical University), include the complete design and development of UAV systems, aerial platforms and ground components together with their subsystems. However, our activities are carried out in accordance with relevant military and civilian standards. Specially designed UAV systems, subsystems and components are produced entirely within our own structure, integrated and put into service after passing through detailed testing and quality control stages. Modern machinery and equipment are used for high technology production in our production activities. 3 and 5-axis advanced CNC machines, automatic assembly machines, autoclaves large enough to produce long parts such as wings, composite ovens and high-precision measuring devices of various sizes are among the important equipment in our production area. NGD dreams and is inspired to build the most advanced technological systems on the global stage by developing unmanned aerial systems. In line with their principles, we are trying to create a Türkiye-centered technology stack that is as independent as possible. We also strive to combine emerging high technology with mission-critical functions to deliver reliable, integrated and complete service to our armed forces.