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Ammunition types refer to the bullets or explosive charges carried by weapon systems used in military operations. These types include small arms ammunition, tank shells, rockets, missiles, bombs and heavy weapon ammunition. Ammunition varies according to its ability to reach the target, effective power and range. Each type of ammunition is designed to perform a specific mission and plays an important role in military strategies.

Small Arms Ammunition

Small arms ammunition are effective tools used by military and security forces. There are various types and features. They play an important role in ensuring your safety and hitting your target effectively.

Heavy Weapons Ammunition

Heavy weapon ammunition provides great power and impact in military operations. They can have devastating results against enemy targets. However, the use of these ammunition requires correct strategy and control.

Rockets and Explosives

Rockets and explosives are used in military operations. They are used to attack strategic targets, provide defense or neutralize the enemy. Such use should only be carried out by trained and authorized personnel.